Life Discipleship - Exchanged Life Seminar

Life Discipleship Ministries offers the Exchanged Life seminar for discipleship training.

What is the Exchanged Life Seminar?

The Exchanged Life Seminar is a practical, Biblical explanation of the Christian's identity in Christ and their freedom from law through God's grace. Each participant hears how it is possible for them to consistantly walk in God's rich grace through appropriating the truths of the New Covenant.

What is the format of the seminar?

The seminar is presented in one weekend, Thursday evening Friday evening and day time on Saturday. These are offered throughout the year at various locations; in churches or at the LDM office.

Who is the Exchanged Life seminar designed for?

The message shared is for all believers at various places in their journey as Christians. Those who are hungry for deeper intamacy with God, and those who are struggling or stuck in their journey will find the solution through the seminar presentation. Participants will be taught how and why they have developed different ways of coping with life's problems to get their needs met and how these can be resolved by discovering Jesus Christ as their source of Life.

What are the topics covered in the Exchanged Life seminar?

  • The Nature of the Flesh
  • The Exchanged Life
  • The Love of God
  • The journey to the Cross
  • Law and Grace
  • The Believer's Identity
  • The Believer's Victory
  • Living the Exchanged Life

What are the benefits of participating in an Exchanged Life seminar?

The purpose of the cross in believers lives is presented in an easy to understand format. Factual knowledge presented gives the Holy Spirit an opportunity to reveal spiritual truth. Participants learn that the "Victorious Christian Life" is possible to experience. For more information please contact us.

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